November 1, 2013

time to thank it up

It's an annual White House tradition for the President to pardon a turkey who was otherwise meant to be eaten. This lucky bird gets to live out his days at a turkey sanctuary (while another gets served in the White House dining room, of course). The pardoned turkey, other than being the focus of a press conference, is probably most grateful for the chance to live out his days, without stuffing and with his wishbone intact.

What I want to know, during this month of Thanksgiving, is what are you thankful for? Rather than the obvious, somewhat cliche answers involving family and friends, I encourage you to be a bit more thoughtful and creative--for example, name a specific friend or family member and write about why you're grateful they're in your life.

Or go a completely different route, and choose something that many of us may not have even realized was a blessing (such as object that makes your life easier). Whatever you mention, if you want to earn extra credit, be sure to explain why you are thankful.

Please come back periodically to read and comment on each others' posts. I hope these serve as positive reminders to us as we head into what can sometimes be a challenging time of year.