January 1, 2014

word, yo

It's a new year! For those of us who are human, that means we have improvements (perhaps major, but maybe just some fine-tuning) that we could make about ourselves and our lives. I'm curious about your resolutions, but I'm picky about the format: come up with a New Year's resolution and condense it to just ONE WORD that you'll remember. Then, give a detailed explanation why you selected that word to represent what you want to work on in 2014.

Sign your post with your first name, last initial, and period #. Deadline for this post (because of semester's end) is Jan. 24 at midnight.

Here's mine as an example:
Stride--I'm choosing "stride" this year to remind me to take whatever comes in stride. This applies to a few areas of my life, but most of it's centered around having another baby. I know that will drastically change our lives, our space, and our schedules at home, but I also know it's doable--so I need to take it in stride. The next four months at work will be very stressful given several changes I'll have to institute in my planning, teaching, and assessment; in addition, I'll be preparing materials for a substitute, which is a huge amount of work. Taking these challenges in stride means not letting stress rule over my attitude or my health; instead, I'll focus on small pieces that I can accomplish and perhaps ask for some help with the rest.