April 1, 2014

from the silver screen

The above video is Harrison Ford revealing his all-time favorite movie. (Harrison Ford is an actor who played Indiana Jones. Indiana Jones was a guy who ... oh, nevermind.) Btw, the Mockingbird movie is much different than the book, so you'll still have to read. Sorry, suckers.

Movies are texts just like literature, and like lit, they can entertain us, move us, and shape our opinions and behavior. For April's extra credit, choose one movie that has impacted you in some way--perhaps it made you LOL, inspired you to think about life differently, changed the way you speak, made you cry for hours, whatever--and explain, specifically, why you would recommend it to others. This doesn't need to be your favorite film, but just one that stands out to you for some reason.

Have fun reading each others' posts (and updating your Netflix queue!). Post by midnight on 4/30 for extra credit.