February 5, 2014

sensory overload

February's the month of love, you know. But instead of discussing red hearts, cupids, and exes we can't quite get over (or ones that we're SO over), let's share some of our other loves. Your task for February's extra credit (due 2/28) is to share one of your favorite things for each of the five senses. Feel free to elaborate/explain as much as you'd like and comment on each other's choices. I'll break the ice...

Some of Stefani's beloved sensory things:
SIGHT: The moment when hundreds of graduation caps are thrown in the air.
SOUND: Crickets on a summer night, hands down. Also the sound of a football team's cleats on asphalt.
SMELL: Homegrown roses. I don't care if there are little bugs inside; I'll stick my face in and snort.
TASTE: Ripe peaches--the kind you can't eat on a first date because you end up slurping and getting juice all over your chin and hands and you don't even care.
TOUCH: A baby's bottom. Yes, the cliche about it being the world's softest surface is true. (And no, I won't let you rub my newborn's butt to confirm; go find your own baby.)