February 5, 2014

sensory overload

February's the month of love, you know. But instead of discussing red hearts, cupids, and exes we can't quite get over (or ones that we're SO over), let's share some of our other loves. Your task for February's extra credit (due 2/28) is to share one of your favorite things for each of the five senses. Feel free to elaborate/explain as much as you'd like and comment on each other's choices. I'll break the ice...

Some of Stefani's beloved sensory things:
SIGHT: The moment when hundreds of graduation caps are thrown in the air.
SOUND: Crickets on a summer night, hands down. Also the sound of a football team's cleats on asphalt.
SMELL: Homegrown roses. I don't care if there are little bugs inside; I'll stick my face in and snort.
TASTE: Ripe peaches--the kind you can't eat on a first date because you end up slurping and getting juice all over your chin and hands and you don't even care.
TOUCH: A baby's bottom. Yes, the cliche about it being the world's softest surface is true. (And no, I won't let you rub my newborn's butt to confirm; go find your own baby.)


  1. Sight: Watching zombies being killed in Walking Dead. (the most amazing zombie series in the world). I just like watching something dying--on TV
    Sound: Listening to classical music to feel calm and since I am also in orchestra. Also listening to my cat meowing...fascinating.
    Smell: Brownies in the oven. No one can hate the smell of chocolate...unless they are on a diet but that's their problem.
    Taste: Raw Food. I mean it, whether it is vegetables, raw meat, raw fish...I will probably die of parasites one day.
    Touch: My cat. Cat are so soft, but they shed like crazy and dig their claws when mad.

    Seong Jeon
    Period 1

    1. Seong, your things seriously cracked me up.

  2. My favorite sound is the sound of the ocean because nothing is more calming than the constant rolling of waves breaking over the shore. My favorite sight is probably the morning right after a rain. Everything is so clear and blue so you can almost see for miles. My favorite smell is the smell of fresh apple pie because its apple pie. Along the theme of pie, my favorite taste is the taste of pumpkin pie. I could eat at least a whole pumpkin pie at most any given time. My favorite thing in the touch category is the feel of my dogs ears because they are always so soft and amazingly smooth.

    Cameron Engle

  3. My favorite thing to here is the sound of the football fans cheering after a big play has been made, or just a big crowd in general cheers. My favorite thing to touch is flour because its soooo soft. Too bad i never cook so its a rare occasion for me to touch it. My favorite thing to smell is everything because i cant smell so everything smells like air to me. My favorite thing to eat chocolate because it tastes really good. Lastly, my favorite thing to see is my dog when i get home from school, he is always so excited to see me.

    Adam Raschko
    Period 6

  4. Sight: The look of a snow covering everything, it looks so nice especially if the snow is undisturbed.
    Sound: The sound of rain hitting the roof, the sound it very calming.
    Smell: The smell of the the air after it rains, it just smells so clean and fresh.
    Taste: Of home cooked desserts, it's pretty self explanatory..
    Touch: The feeling of a really soft blanket, when you have one it just feels really good to curl up in it.

    Schaefer Jones
    Period 4

  5. Sight: Seeing the football field on game day just reminds me of the blessing I have.
    Sound: The sound of the crowd cheering after you make a jaw dropping play.
    Smell: The smell of freshly cut grass on game day which lets you know that you get to play one of the best sports invented.
    Taste: Well I'll have to say, the taste of any food..
    Touch: The touch of the your teammates giving you a high five letting you know that what you did for your team was appreciated.

    Chance Lemon
    Period 6

  6. Sight: Bruno Mars. No one can disagree with how beautifuly gorgeous this man is. I DON'T CARE IF HE'S ONLY 5'5 I'M 5'3 AND SO THATS PERFECT.
    Sound: A baby's laugh :). it's the sweetest thing ever, unless you hear it at three in the morning and you don't have a baby.
    Smell: Grapefruit. It smells like love! I have grapefruit scented EVERYTHING
    Taste: Hot cheetos, pepsi, and chicken teriyaki. Combined or not, how delicious this trio of Jesus food tastes.
    Touch: Jesse's hugs. I know cheesy but come on.

    Nayeli Cruz
    Period 6

    1. Your sound hahaha! just imagine waking up to hear a baby laughing and not having one.... *shutters*

  7. Sight: Of the Saturday market in Portland in the summer. It is my favorite place to be during the summer.
    Sound: Of my favorite band playing in my head phones.
    Smell: Of cinnamon rolls because I am making them right now and they are going to taste amazing.
    Taste: Bacon cheeses burger from Red Robin because they are heaven on earth. Also they have bacon who doesn't like bacon.
    Touch: Chance's hugs. My boyfriend gives the best hugs in the world.

    Mickaila Saxton

    1. We have the same favorite touch! Just my boyfriends imaginary and isn't names Chance.

  8. Sight: I love seeing people who are happy, it makes me happy too.
    Sound: When little kids or babies laugh, it's contagious in a way, it makes you want to laugh with them.
    Smell: The smell of grass in the spring and summer, it smells like heaven and it's the best thing ever.
    Taste: Crunchy and sour granny smith apples are probably the best things in the world, I could eat them everyday for the rest of my life and never get sick of them.

    Kinsey McNaught
    Period 1

  9. Sight: The way my step-dad looks at my mom every morning before he heads to work. You can just see how much they love each other and it makes me want to have a love like them some day.
    Sound: When all of my cousins come over and we spend hours laughing and telling stories/jokes.
    Smell: The fresh air on a hot summer day. Something about going on a drive with my family or friends with the windows down and being able to just breathe fresh air is really nice.
    Touch: Sand on my feet- between my toes. My family goes to camping at the dunes a lot and it is nice to be able to walk around with no shoes on- despite sand getting everywhere else.. that is not so pleasant.
    Taste: Anything sweet! I love to bake so of course you got to try it! Then my step dads BBQ food. We have a Treger and I'd say there is no going back to a regular BBQ!

    Brianna Koch
    Period 3

  10. Sight: Silver Cree Falls in the spring. I love it when its cold yet sunny, it makes the water fall look absolutely beautiful.
    Sound: Rain on a roof, for some reason, even at 12 at night, listening to rain is so amazing, I cant even describe it.
    Smell: books, old or new, I just love the smell when I open it to read its just two wins in one thing.
    Touch: cold lake/creek water, its just a relaxing experience and its something I look forward to when I go camping.
    Taste: hot chocolate in the winter, its so nice for your body to be cold, but this warm substance warms your body up from the inside out.

    Stephenee Foster
    Period 3

  11. Sight: Temple Square at any time of the year. It's so beautiful and calming there, even though it's right in the middle of downtown Salt Lake.
    Sound: The sound of Jack Johnson's voice. His music is so relaxing and always puts me in a good mood when I listen to it.
    Smell: I like the smell of coffee, but I hate the taste of it. I also love the smell of apple cider at Christmas time.
    Taste: The taste of spicy Asian food. I love anything spicy, but more specifically, Japanese and Chinese.
    Touch: Healthy, freshly mowed grass during the summer is just about the best texture I could ever touch.

    Abby Johnson
    Period 1

    1. What if you heard Jack Johnsons voice from under your bed at 3AM would you still find it relaxing?

  12. Sight: My favorite thing to see is the sun rising in the morning. Not that I particularily enjoy getting up early, but the sight of the sun filling up the sky is the absolute best.
    Sound: I really enjoy the sound of my house when I wake up on a saturday morning. The calm quietness from the inside and the subtle sounds from outside just make me feel like I'm at home.
    Smell: My favorite smell would have to be rain, right at the end of summer when you can tell that it's going to be fall soon.
    Taste: I really had to think about it, but im pretty sure my favorite thing to taste is mint. speciffically the green kind, which is spearmint.
    Touch: The feeling of a clean warm blanket right out of the dryer is the best.

    Fallon Dunham
    Per. 4

  13. Sight: My favorite thing to look at is the ocean.
    Sound: I love the sound of waves crashing into eachother at the beach.
    Smell: I don't know what my favorite smell is. Its hard to pick one. But i would have to say my favorite smell is the forest, because it offers a little bit of everything.
    Taste: Gosh, its hard to pick just one. But I'm going to go with mint chocolate chip icecream.Its a horrible addiction of mine.
    Touch: I love touching fuzzy blankets and pillows. They are just so soft it drives me crazy.

    McKenzie O'Dell

  14. Sight: I love looking at nature because it's just so pretty with all of the colors. I also like looking at beautiful photography from all over the world.
    Sound: one of my favorite sounds is rain. Yes it gets annoying when it's constantly pouring, (Thanks Oregon) but it is just very relaxing.
    Smell: I love the smell of freshly baked sweets. I like the smell they give off when they're pulled out of the oven.
    Taste: I love the taste of sweets! Ice cream, candy, cake, etc. I also like spicy grilled chicken.
    Touch: I love the feel of blankets. They just make me feel all warm and safe (Yes, I do believe blankets protect me from monster).

    Harkiran Dhami
    Period 3

    1. You must be relaxed all the time if rain relaxes you!

  15. Sight: My cousins house in the morning or at sunset. It's seriously the most beautiful place in the world. Or gorgeous males, whichever.
    Smell: I really love the Pure Seduction body spray from Victorias Secret, not gonna lie. Don't judge me until you've tried it. I also like the smell of cows which is kinda gross I guess. My grandparents own a farm so I kind of grew up around them.
    Touch: My dogs ears. They are seriously amazing.
    Taste: I REALLY like pasta, and fruit, and chinese food. Basically anything.
    Sound: I love the sound of rain, leaves in the wind, and screamo. Ha just kidding only the first too.

    Sammy Strout
    Period 3

  16. Sight: Looking at fashion and books.
    Hearing: Sad music. I'm not sure why I love it, but I do.
    Smell: Vanilla, and baking cookies!
    Taste: Chocolate. Definitely chocolate.
    Touch: My baby blanket. Its touch can still soothe me

    1. #teenagegirl #fluffyblankets
      JK I love those things too

  17. The one from above is from:
    Morgan Hoag
    Per. 1

  18. Sight: sunset over twin lakes ( where my family has a reunion)
    Hearing: Jamming out to the radio with my siblings
    Smell: grilled cheese cooking on the grill
    Taste: eating that grilled cheese with ketchup/tomato soup
    Touch: stering wheel
    Abe Nelson P.3

  19. Sight: watching the twinkling stars as I connect them together like connect the dots
    Hearing:listening to the pitter patter of the rain while I day dream of tacos.
    Smell: cut grass smells pretty good for some reason and wood at lowes. I also like the smell of garlic bread and pasta.
    Taste: eating steak, ribs , and bacon
    Touch:touching soft blankets and rose petals. Bunnies are soft too.

    Sierra Salinas P.4

  20. Sight: When Bralon Addison catches a great throw and brings it straight to the touchdown
    Smell: Cherry perfume (don't ask)
    Hearing: A gavel be hammered down
    Taste: A medium-rare Filet Mignon with flame-roasted shrimp over oven-cooked rice and a ginger ale with a piece of lime in it.
    Touch: a rough-edged barbell with 200 pounds on it, ready to be defeated

    Keifer Smith (Chief Keif)
    Period 3

  21. Sight: my brothers in the same room and not fighting
    Sound: silence (especially when I'm trying to sleep)
    Smell: flowers (in the spring....not the dead ones)
    Taste: homemade chicken noodle soup (in the winter)
    Touch: fuzzy blankets (to sleep with at night)

    Lauren Hugie
    Period 3

  22. Sight: When me and my family went sight seeing at the top of the Empire State Building and seeing the New York Skyline from one of the highest points of the world.
    Smell: I like the smell of Acqua Di Gio cologne. It has a smell that I just like and can't explain.
    Hearing: The soothing sound of rain splashing in the pavement, windows, and walls. The peaceful sound of rain relaxes my muscles and brain and calms me down.
    Touch: The warmth and softness of my blankets, wrapped around me while I'm laying in the comforts of my bed.
    Taste: The taste of steak made with my mom's recipe, the meat so tender and juicy, with these special spices that catches my tastebuds off guard.

    Gary Zhen
    Period 1

  23. Sabrina Fregoso2/19/14, 8:12 PM

    Sight: The embrace between a soldier reuniting with their loved ones when they come back from war. Sunsets are definitely second in my opinion. And I can't forget about Channing Tatum's abs!

    Sound: Children's laughter is probably the cutest sound I've ever heard. John Mayer's singing is absolutely heaven. I never get tired of listening to guitar solos from the artist Carlos Santana either.

    Smell: french toast, freshly brewed coffee, Juicy Couture perfume, buttered popcorn, homemade cookies, Voodoo Donuts

    taste: a chai latte from Birdie's Bistro (the flavor of theirs, though, is like a cinnamon roll in a cup, but, like, a cinnamon roll straight from the oven of heaven),

    touch: without a doubt, its my hair when its straight out of the hair salon after its been lathered in those creamy, perfume-scented, but oh-so-ridiculously priced shampoos and its been styled. I still don't understand how something can feel so soft...(and if you're a girl and reading this, I know you know what I'm talking about)

    Sabrina Fregoso
    Period 4

    1. Sabrina Fregoso2/19/14, 8:19 PM

      And the smiles on my friends faces when I randomly make them desserts and small treats for not reason except to brighten their day, it brightens mine too :)

      Period 4

  24. Sight: I love seeing a pit bull playing with small kids. It's so precious! I just want to take a picture and cram it down the throats of people who believe this breed of dog is a threat

    Smell: Eggs and bacon on Saturday morning. It's so amazing to smell. I love waking up in the morning and smelling it

    Sound: I love the sound of my baby girl (she's not mine, I've known her since she was born, she's 6 today) calling my name when she sees me. She yells, "Leeyyyssssiiiaaa!!" And runs to me and jumps in my arms :)

    Touch: I love petting my kitty. She is the softest thing ever! I also love the feeling of my hair brushing against my back. It gives a tickling sensation, and I love being tickled! Not like, a make-me-pee-my-pants tickle, but a soft, feather-like tickle.

    Taste: I love the taste of dark chocolate. I have no idea why, I just love it! it tastes so good! My favorite would have to be 70%

    Aleysia Henry
    Period 1

  25. Sight: The beautiful pictures my nana took when she went to Australia. Something about looking at the pictures she took makes you feel like you're there and for a moment you can feel the warmth of the sun on your skin and the peacefulness of the setting horizon.

    Sound: My favorite sound would most definitely be the sound of my younger siblings yelling my name in excitement to see me as soon as I open the front door to my dads house and when hearing that sound followed by the sound of their tiny feet pitter patting against the floor I know then that I will always and forever have special places in my heart for them.

    Smell: The sweet smell of Hawaiian Tropic sunblock that brings back the warmth of the hot summer weather and the great memories made during summer. I also love the smell of mint gum or minty mouthwash, I'm not sure why but I just really love it!

    Taste: A taste I could never live without is probably the taste of waffles smothered in peanut butter and drenched in syrup. That will always be, by far, my favorite taste in the world.

    Touch: I love to just feel and pet my dogs' ears that are so smooth and soft that they feel like they are made out of silk. I also could never give up the feeling of warm sand under me feet when I go to the beach.

    Kendall Quihuis-Ramirez
    Period 6

  26. Taste: The silky smooth taste of chocolate. Ummm, yes! I absolutely love the richness of dark chocolate as well. After a long hard day, it's nice to come home to a sweet, delicious treat!

    Sound: Living in Oregon, there's a lot of rain. One of my favorite sounds is to just listen to the raindrops; it's very calming. Another sound I couldn't live without is my music. Indeed, I am a singer, and I love my music. The softness, and richness of certain peoples' voices is incredibly wonderful to me.

    Touch: The feeling of two different terrains completely soothe me. The sand on a wide open beach and the feeling of grass when I lay down in the summer are both amazing to me. I love being about to feel the sand or grass between my toes!

    Sight: Smile. That's what I love to see most in the people I love. I love being able to make my loved ones happy and to seeing them smile and laugh makes me feel like I have a true purpose.

    Smell: Even as a child, I loved the smell of some nice, buttery popcorn. Going to the movies meant getting a giant bowl of my favorite treat! Another smell I love to sniff is coffee. The scent of freshly brewed coffee can easily fill the room and I feel completely at ease around it.

    Sabrina Eder
    Period 4

  27. I must say that my dog has really soft hair, and it's one of the best things to feel and pet. It's also nice that dogs can move and can go along with people almost anywhere they go. I love how wherever I go in the house, I have a white fluffy thing following me around wanting affection and attention.
    I think the best scent I have smelled is the insides a new viola. I recently bought one, and have gotten a few strange looks from people when I have a large wooden instrument so close to my nose, and not under my chin where it belongs. Some people might think it's strange, but to me, it is very appealing.
    The things I enjoy looking at the most are the waves of the sea. I am able to spend hours, if I don't freeze myself in the weather, looking at the waves and watching for similarities and differences, comparing each wave to the next. It's kind of hypnotic, how constant and changing the waves are.
    If it's not obvious enough from reading my favorite scent to smell, I'll provide what I like to listen to the most. I enjoy music, and specifically the music that comes from real instruments played by real people with real emotion. It bothers me to no end when pop songs replace a melodic instrument or line with a replicated sound that plays the same notes the same way every time. What pleases my ears is a musician that is able to fully express themselves through whatever sound they produce, whether it be singing or playing something.
    My favorite taste is the freshness of a brand-new viola bought fresh from the store. I'm just joking, I have other things that I like to do that don't involve music, even if there is music in my head constantly. I enjoy tasting my mom's cinnamon rolls that she bakes from scratch right in our home. She typically makes them twice a year, and I can hardly wait to taste them each time.

    Hyrum Kohler
    Period: 1

  28. Sight: The night sky when I'm camping at Detroit Lake is so amazing. There are so many more stars out there to look at and you can even see shooting stars!

    Touch: I love those fuzzy blankets and pillows at Target. Everytime I walk by them I have to feel them. Kittens and puppies are pretty sweet too.

    Taste: My mom's cooking! I love asian food so much. I just love eating a lot in general.

    Sound: I think laughter is one of my favorite sounds. Especially when it's that kind of laugh that will make you laugh just because the other person is laughing.

    Smell: Typical, but I love the smell of rain. It's refreshing and really relaxing.

    Miriam Henifin
    Period 4

  29. Sight: The last few minutes of a sunset at the beach is always so bright and colorful. It is absolutely gorgeous and breath-taking.

    Touch: I love the feeling of sun in the winter. When there isn't any wind and the sun is shining and you feel warm for just a little bit of time when it has been cold for weeks it feels really comforting.

    Sound: I love the sound of rain. It sounds so cool if you go into an empty gym or in a car and its raining. It is really relaxing.

    Smell: I love the smell of cedar. It smells crisp and fresh.

    Taste: Fruit. Any kind of fruit is like heaven to me. I love the juicy, sweet taste of fresh fruit.

    Ariana Pippert
    Period 3

  30. Sight: My favorite sight is hands down, driving into Portland at night and seeing my favorite city alive. Every time I'm there at night, I'm just in awe of all of the tall buildings, and city lights.

    Touch: My favorite touch is probably holding hands with someone. I don't care who it is-- friend, family members, boyfriend, whoever. I like the feeling of being close to someone in that way and having the reassurance of someone else being there.

    Sound: I love the sound of a rock concert. The loud music over the speakers, the roaring of the crowd.

    Smell: I love the smell of my favorite perfume. Sometimes I spray it on my pillow at night and it helps me fall asleep. It reminds me of the city as well.

    Taste: I love the taste of warm, chocolate chip cookies with a tall glass of milk. It's so cliche, but it just reminds me of when I was a little kid.'

    Delaney Melhorn
    Period One

  31. SIGHT: I love watching the rain hit windows and slide down. I don't know what it is that makes it so peaceful to watch.
    SOUND: My favorite sound is probably my friends laughs. Something about each of their laughs just brightens my day.
    SMELL: I absolutely love the smell of fresh roses, they smell so incredible.
    TASTE: Hands down my favorite taste is cookies and cream anything. I love anything that is flavored cookies and cream and I don't know why.
    TOUCH: I love the feeling of cats fur. It's really silky and soft, it makes me really happy.

    Mark Jennings
    Period 1

  32. Sight: Ummm well... I surprised my best friend on her birthday by flying out to her house in Idaho, and when she opened the door her face was kind of a great sight. She was super confused but then she smiled really big and somewhat attacked me. That was nice. So basically, my best friend.

    Sound: Any music by my favorite bands/singers. Or my older sister's voice because I don't get to talk to her very often. Oh, and laughing. I always laugh whenever I hear other people laughing. Unless I hate them.

    Smell: My dad's chocolate chip cookies <3 They smell freaking amazing. Or my dad's blueberry pancakes. His cooking is on point.

    Taste: My dad's chocolate chip cookies or blueberry pancakes. Or Olive Garden breadsticks with alfredo sauce. Or KitKats. Or ketchup. But not all together, that's disgusting.

    Touch: A new book. That sounds weird but I think it's great when you open a new book and the pages are nice and crisp and the spine isn't all worn out already. I don't understand people who read on Kindles or iPads. I like books.

    Jolie Larimer.
    Period six.

  33. Sight: My favorite thing to see would be people being happy, when they are full of joy and love. Not like people laughing at dumb things, but when they have authentically joyous eyes towards something special. Being a witness to such moments makes me a happy person!

    Sound: Early morning bird songs, wind moving through tree tops, worship songs, guitar music, oceans wind and waves, and laughter.

    Smell: The ocean air and all its freshness, my pillow (especially after a long day), and yummy food!!

    Taste: Orange juice, rain, chocolate, and FOOD!!!

    Touch: A hug form a loved one, vibrations from guitar strings, handles on my bike, and lake water in the summer.

    Arina Dovgoruk.
    Period one.

  34. Sight: The ocean, the mountains, or any really nice scenic view you would take a picture of and use as a wallpaper.

    Sound: Classic rock, like on 92.3. Today's music is such garbage and music from then actually required talent and had meaning behind it, I love to hear me some Beatles, Elton John, or The Who for example.

    Smell: Well, this one's a bit tricky, I'd say something like a fresh rain, or trees, maybe campfires.

    Taste: I love red fruit, sweet red fruit that is, and pineapple. Things like strawberries, cherries, raspberries, that sort of thing, and blackberry.

    Touch: The fur behind a cat's ear, or under their chin, it's so ridiculously soft I didn't even know it was possible.

    Brandon Dilger
    Period 1

  35. Amanda Fraley2/25/14, 3:48 PM

    Sight: Going outside as the sun is setting or rising and looking up at all the various colors up in the sky. I love how the purple, orange, and pink tones blend together so well.
    Smell: I love the smell of cotton candy a.k.a sugar filled goodness. Who couldn't resist?

    Amanda Fraley
    Period 6
    Taste: That mouth watering, juicy, dripping big bite of watermelon in the summertime. Nothing tastes better than that.
    Touch: Receiving big bear hugs from my boyfriend are my absolute favorite. That's where I find the most comfort.

  36. Sight: Seeing all the beauty of God's creation is awe inspiring and I love just looking at Oregon's natural beauty.
    Sound: I am not like many kids my age in the way that most kids like classical music whereas I like classical. Classical is where I believe the true beauty of music is shown.
    Smell: Smell is one of the great gifts God gives us and I simply love smelling fresh pastry.
    Touch: I like the touch of water in a river or when it gently flows over my hand. I also like the feeling of recently washed and dried bedsheets.
    Taste: I love the taste of fresh pastry, ice cream, and sandwiches. Nothing is better than a well made sandwich.

    Jonathan Anderson
    Period 1

  37. Sight: I love to see warm, happy smiles upon other's faces, brightening even the darkest of rooms with their glow.
    Sound: I love to hear raindrops dancing across the roof and windows, splashing into sidewalk puddles and onto streets.
    Smell: I love to smell freshly baked chocolate-chip cookies, hot and gooey, fanning their rich scent throughout the house.
    Taste: I love to taste rich, creamy, cool vanilla bean ice cream, with a hint of mint.
    Touch: I love to feel gentle, heartwarming hugs, that seem long and comforting.

    0 ( o o ) 0
    Sierra M
    Per 5

  38. Sight: I love when my family and I hike to the top of a mountain or to a lake and are greeted by the gorgeous sights of the sun, mountains, and the flowers that bloom in the open spaces.
    Sound: I have deep love the sound of wind rustling through trees. Also, in autumn when the dried leaves crunch under your feet.
    Smell: I LOVE the smell of lilacs! If I could pick one thing to smell for the rest of my life, that would be the first thing. Also, eastern Oregon has quite a distinct scent. Every time I smell the "Eastern Oregon Scent" It brings back fabulous memories from years past.
    Taste: Sushi. Not the fake california roll sushi; the good stuff. I also could eat Thai food every day until I were old and wrinkled.
    Touch: I enjoy going to the art store (you're not supposed to) and taking all the fine (and really expensive) paintbrushes and rub them on my cheeks. It's a little weird, but there's not much else to do in an art store. Also, hugs. Hugs are a treasure that can not be denied. There are also these cool leafy perennials called Lamb Ears that are extremely soft and grow in the spring time. They definitely qualify as one of the "little things" that make life more enjoyable.

    Marissa Lane-Massee
    Period 1

  39. Sight: Being at the beach and watching the waves.
    Sound: Being in the country and hearing nothing, just silence.
    Smell: Fresh chocolate chip cookies.
    Taste: Something refreshing like watermelon or pineapple.
    Touch: A really warm fuzzy blanket when it's cold.

    Madi Hingston
    Period 6

  40. Since Baseball is right around the corner,and I can't think of my all time favorite senses.Here are some of my favorite senses while playing a part of Americas past time, Baseball.

    Sight: Seeing a fastball right down your sweet spot
    Sound: The crack of the ball on a wooden bat
    Smell: Fresh cut grass and pine tar
    Taste: Chewing on seeds in between innings
    Touch: Feeling weightless as you dive through the air for a few milliseconds and then the sudden brush of the grass after laying out in the outfield

    Matthew Koopman
    Period 3

  41. Sight: The odd way things look when seen through water.
    Sound: Rain pitter pattering on the roof.
    Smell: Fresh baked homemade bread still warm from the oven.
    Taste: Real dark chocolate without preservatives or artificial flavors.
    Touch: The fluffiness of a day old kitten with its tiny paws and mini ears.

    Kyra Lehman
    Period 3

  42. Sight: I love seeing the countryside. I love the open fields, with horses grazing and very few houses. Somehow, something that simple can always take my breath away.
    Sound: The symphony orchestra. Well, I guess any symphony orchestra. The sound of two such different ensembles blending together to create such amazing sound is something I'll never get tired of hearing.
    Smell: Freshly mowed grass is probably my favorite scent. But not so much in the city, for some odd reason.
    Taste: When peanut butter is mixed with chocolate, whether it be some candy or shake, is the most delicious thing for my taste buds.
    Touch: I love the feel of wool. Not the scratchy stuff, the kind that soft blankets are made of.

    Lacie Posterick
    Period 1

  43. Sight: When you walk into a room and see a group of people laughing and smiling together. The way everyone looks genuinely happy just warms my heart.
    Sound: Hearing the people I care about say, "I love you." There's something about that sound that makes me feel incredibly loved and like I matter to the people that matter most to me.
    Smell: I actually really enjoy the smell of gasoline for some reason.
    Taste: My favorite taste is probably ripe avocados from the market in Hawaii.
    Touch: I love to rub my hand on my nieces cheek when she is about to fall asleep... that sounds creepy but whatever.

    Gracie Rueda
    period 4

  44. Sight: The sight of a delicious plate of food when it makes its way toward my table at a restaurant on my top five restaurant list. Thats gotta be the best.
    Hearing: Its gotta be that sweet sound of a perfect swish going through a perfect net(I rarely get to hear it) or the sound of somebody getting cracked on the football field that sound gives an adrenaline rush.
    Smell: The smell of That tasteful food coming to my table.
    Taste: Finally The taste of that wonderful food I get at my top five restaurants.

    Hayden Sader

    1. Thats embarassing I forgot touch.My favorite for that would be the feeling of getting in a three point stance and feeling the grass feild between my fingers as I prepare to destroy my opponent.Either that or sacking the quarterback.

      Hayden Sader
      added on.

  45. Sight: Seeing my mom smile because of something I did always cheers me up.
    Sound: Hearing the shoes of another person come up behind me in a race gives me motivation.
    Smell: I love the smell of Lowe's and Home Depot for some reason. I also enjoy the smell in Love Love Teriyaki.
    Taste: I love the food they make at Love Love Teriyaki along with sweet and sour chicken from John's after a track workout.
    Touch: I have no idea why, but I like typing even though I'm not good at it. My favorite touch would have to be when a child grabs your finger because they can't hold our whole hand. I think its adorable.

    Shaina Dohrman
    period 6

  46. Sight: The sunset in the summer because it makes the sky pink color that is one of my favorites.
    Sound: When people are laughing togehter while having a good time because it makes me happy too.
    Touch: A fuzzy blanket or fuzzy socks because they make me feel fuzzy inside.
    Smell: The smell of subway. I love walking in and smelling the fresh bread and ingrediants.
    Taste: The taste of a subway sandwich. I can never match a sandwich quite like that at home and after getting a good smell of subway I just to eat a good sandwich.

    Cammie Decker
    Period 6

  47. Sight: When I wake up in the morning, and the sun is shining in through my window, and I realize it's gonna be a good day (:
    Sound: When I can tell someones smiling just by the tone of their voice.
    Touch: My little hamster because he's so fluffy and soft :P
    Smell: I love it when it rains because it makes the air smell so fresh and i like going outside after just enjoying the smell!
    Taste: Tamales. Their so yummy with the chile inside, and its just the best.
    Gracie Tellez
    Period 4 (:

  48. Never really thought about this before but...
    Sight: Walking out my front door on a summer day, just to see the sun twinkling in the sky. I don't know what's so great about it...but it just makes everything look so amazing and sets the tone for a good day.
    Smell: Oh my Goshhhh, the smell of fresh bark mixed with my backyard is amazing! Every summer we shovel in new bark to our backyard and my nose is pretty much in paradise.
    Touch: ...I don't know...I play trumpet, and I've played for a long time and I'm pretty good. Whenever it fits straight into my hand, it cools me down and i can play my mood basically!
    Sound: Oh man, rap. Really layed back rap where its like "ayeee" or "waddup my n****" anyyyyywayssss, that just makes me feel super smooth and makes me wanna be a black rapper.
    Taste: I've noticed a lot of people saying that they love dark chocolate...but that's what i like...so i guess check it off. But my dad's home made pizza is to die for!

    Andrew Melting
    Period 3

  49. Sight: The view from the top of Saddle Mountain. Our family climbed it once and the day was perfectly clear. Maybe it isn't always as good as I remember it.
    Sound: Silence - I can function when there is no noise at all, but nearly any other background noise will distract me.
    Smell: An evergreen forest after rain
    Taste: Ragusa Chocolate - we only get it around Christmas time when my uncle from Switzerland sends it, so it's always a treat.
    Touch: wood - well furnished, it can be so smooth it feels soft.

    Nelson Mueller
    Per 1

  50. Touch: My pit bull and chocolate lab because they have the softest coats. I love just going up to them and hugging them. It makes me feel like I am hugging a baby blanket.
    Sight: Seeing my dogs' faces and their tails wagging when I come home from school or somewhere else. It makes me feel happy to see them so happy.
    Taste: Any Indian food will automatically put you on the top of my list for favorite people. I am the only person in my family that loves every single Indian dish and I honestly could eat them all the time.
    Sound: When you are the only ones at the beach at night, you hear the waves slowly crashing and the wind blowing. I also love it when you are outside, you close your eyes, and there is this moment where you take in all the soundss of nature.
    Smell: Fresh flowers, and not just any kind, but the kind that you find while taking a stroll. There is something special about those flowers that make them smell like heaven.
    Inderpreet Bains
    Period 4

  51. SIGHT: I like to see the snow in a school day because there could be a probability of school being canceled.
    SOUND: I love to listen to Prince Royce because his music is amazing and just makes my day better.
    SMELL: My moms traditional Mexican food; for example; posole, tamales, enchiladas, etc..
    TASTE: Definitely Hershey's Chocolate with Almonds it's amazingly delicious!
    TOUCH: I like to touch extra soft foam pillows that when you lay your head on it, it sort of drowns you in.

    Brenda Lazaro
    Period 03

  52. SIGHT: Returning home from a long trip, or being sick for a long while and seeing everybody's face; full of relief (or depression, some of my friends are kinda hoping...)
    SOUND: Listening to Acapella groups, coming together and harmonizing with nothing but the human work of art
    SMELL: Baking at Christmas time with my entire family participating and becoming just a mess of things together (well I guess my grandma's treats mostly, since my cooking probably smells more like the Fahrenheit 451 world than the present)
    TASTE: Cotton Candy just disappearing on my tongue at the State Fair, the sweet cloud-like amazingness just makes me glad it's impossible for me to gain weight
    TOUCH: Floating on my tube and relaxing in the pool, dipping my hand in just far enough that I can feel the waves move across my fingers and I just....escape

    Christian Scofield
    Period 6

  53. SIGHT: Being able to go to Cambodia and see my family that I haven't seen in over 10 years.
    SOUND: Listening in the studio and see how I can edit and elaborate on the music I create in it.
    SMELL: Freshly cooked food coming out of the oven.
    TASTE: Free Samples at Costco.
    TOUCH: Playing basketball in the gym and too be able to shoot and destroy my defender making it hard for them.

    Randy Sarun
    Period: 1